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Justice Paul Thissen

Making Sure Our Courts
Work for Everyone

Don’t forget the Minnesota Supreme Court race on the back of the ballot. Here’s who’s running.

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KAXE: Meet Supreme Court Justice Paul Thissen Running For His First Election After Appointment in 2018

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Justice Thissen Endorsement Letter

October 16, 2020 To the Voters of Minnesota: Justice Thissen is without question the most qualified candidate running for the Minnesota State Supreme Court and I endorse him for that high office. In a professional capacity I have known Paul Thissen since 2004 where we...

INFORUM Endorsement: Thissen for Minnesota Supreme Court

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Justice Thissen serves with integrity, thoughtfulness

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Minnesota Supreme Court Incumbent’s View: Return sound judgment, valuable experience to the court

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Why Paul Thissen isn’t waging a normal campaign for Minnesota Supreme Court

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a note from paul

I am so honored to serve you as a Justice on the Minnesota Supreme Court. And I humbly ask for your support to continue to work on your behalf.

I have a long and deep commitment to public service to our state. I’ve learned through that work that Minnesotans value fairness, accountability, individual dignity, and the chance to have their voices heard. And I worked hard as a lawyer representing clients in complex lawsuits, as a public defender, as a State Representative and Speaker of the Minnesota House, and now as a Supreme Court Justice to promote and defend those values.

My career has given me the chance to travel tens of thousands of miles to all corners of the state, visiting businesses, prisons, hospitals, homeless shelters, colleges and courthouses. I’ve worked with people in their neighborhoods and communities as they tackle local challenges. Most important, I have listened closely to, and been inspired by, Minnesotans’ stories, aspirations and concerns. Those experiences were wonderful preparation for sustaining and renewing a justice system that is responsive and truly sees the people behind the lawsuits.

This is a critical time for our courts. Across our country, the rule of law and the idea that our courts should serve the interests of all the people is under attack. I am committed to do everything in my power to build and maintain public trust that justice in Minnesota is delivered fairly and impartially according to the law.

That said, I know that our justice system is imperfect. Too many people, especially poor people, people of color and people in rural areas, do not have the same access to justice as other Minnesotans. I am fiercely committed to changing that reality. Over my career, I have helped at no charge survivors of domestic abuse, people fleeing persecution in their home countries and seeking asylum in the United States, and parents seeking to preserve their custody rights. I worked on a successful decade-long effort to free an inmate wrongly sentenced to death in Texas. I organized Access for Persons with Disabilities, a program that trained lawyers on the unique needs and obstacles to justice for persons with disabilities and paired those lawyers with clients with disabilities. And I am leading efforts on the Court to implement innovative ideas to make sure everyone who needs legal advice gets it.

My commitment to you is that I will work hard every day to thoroughly and compassionately consider every case that comes before me.

Paul Thissen

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