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Supporters as of February 2020

Honorary Co-Chairs

Chief Justice Paul Anderson
Justice Russell Anderson
Chief Justice Kathleen Blatz
Senator David Durenberger
Justice James Gilbert
Ben Vander Kooi
Justice Helen Meyer
Vice President Walter Mondale
Justice Esther Tomljanovich


Committee Chair

Jeanette Bazis

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David Aafedt
Paul Anderson
Justice Russ Anderson
Jeff Ansel
Joe Bagnoli
Christopher Bercaw
Theresa Bevilacqua
Tom Boyd
Sam Clark
Erin Conti
Barbara Cox
Tami Diehm
Sybil Dunlop
Caitlinrose Fisher
Jenny Gassman-Pines
Joseph Genereux
Cliff Greene


Kate Hibbard
James Jacobson
Ben Kappelman
Andrea Kaufman
Thaddeus Lightfoot
Nathaniel Longley
Brent Lorentz
Stephen Lucke
Edward Magarian
Donna Magarian
Melinda Maher
Matt McBride
Virginia McCalmont
William McNab
Monte Mills


Mike Obermueller
John Orenstein
F. Matthew Ralph
John Reich
Donna Reuter
Michael Rowe
Lindsey Schmidt
Betsy Schmiesing
Eric Sherman
Molly Sigel
Judge John Stanoch
William Stoeri
Mary Streitz
Eric Swanson


Justice Esther Tomljanovich
Nicolas Vlietstra
Joe Windler
Cameron Winton
Kevin Zhao

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