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“As I seek election to continue my service on the Minnesota Supreme Court, I want to engage Minnesotans in an honest discussion of what justice means personally to them, and in our state today.” 

To do this, I humbly ask you to sign up as a supporter for our campaign. We would very much enjoy your participation in our outreach, and in your willingness to share your stories with others as we connect with citizens all over Minnesota. Sign up here:

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I’m keenly interested in your definition of Justice! Write down on a piece of paper a short phrase that starts with “Justice is . . .”, and complete with your definition of it. See examples here.

Take a photo with you and your sign, and send it to with a few sentences explaining why you wrote this definition. In addition, If you’d like, record a short 5-10 second video holding the paper and explaining what you wrote. Email it to us so we can ensure your voice is heard!

This is very much a grassroots movement for our citizens to elect Paul to the Supreme Court bench. We’ll be posting your photos on our social media pages: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, as well as our website.

Thanks for your help as we seek ever more inclusive and accessible courts in our great state.

– Paul

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