Protecting the Rights of Minnesotans

Sep 18, 2020 | News | 0 comments

One of the fundamental jobs of a judge is to protect the individual rights of Minnesotans and to make sure that the powerful are held accountable to the law. The government must follow the law just like you and me.

As a lawyer, I founded the group Access for Disabilities to make sure lawyers and judges were responsive to the special challenges persons with disabilities face when navigating the courts.

As a legislator, I worked with allies over and over again to expand the rights of every Minnesotan to fully participate in our communities and our democracy.

And as a Justice on the Minnesota Supreme Court I’ve authored opinions restricting the government’s ability to conduct invasive searches without consent and striking down a law that limited the right of Minnesotans to freely express themselves and a law that allowed the government to seize property through forfeiture.

We need to always be vigilant that our constitution works for every Minnesotan.