State Constitution

Sep 24, 2020 | News | 0 comments

In these uncertain times, Minnesotans are looking for fairness, stability, basic justice and common sense from the courts.  With all the heated rhetoric about the United States Supreme Court, we can take comfort as Minnesotans that our state founders adopted an independent state constitution to ensure that our legal rights are protected consistent with the unique values of Minnesota.

The Minnesota State Constitution provides more protection for individual liberty than the United States Constitution.  Our constitution guarantees every person a remedy for injuries and wrongs that they suffer.

Unlike the United States Constitution, the Minnesota Constitution expressly protects the right to education, the right to hunt and fish and to enjoy and preserve our great outdoors.

The Minnesota Constitution provides greater protection against government invasions of personal privacy and broader guarantees of equal protection than the United States Constitution.

And the Minnesota Constitution provides that you have the power to vote for the judges who will interpret the Minnesota Constitution.

The Minnesota Supreme Court has the last word on the Minnesota Constitution.  That is why I am so proud to serve on a non-ideological court that decides around three-quarters of our cases unanimously.  That’s why it is so important to vote for a justice who understands the importance of our Minnesota constitution as a way to hold the powerful accountable, to preserve our individual liberty rights, and our basic right to equal protection for everyone under the law.

As your justice on the Minnesota Supreme Court, I will continue to work hard to defend and stand up for your rights and constitutional values!